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Healthy Chocolate for Aging Baby Boomers

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Healthy Chocolate Business Booming Hello! Welcome to my PHD Xocolate Inc. healthy chocolate blog. If you are new to this site, let me tell you about my Courtice antioxidant chocolate business.

I am Wellness Promoter Sue Jukes. I have been sharing Xocai antioxidant chocolate since November, 2010.

Xocai chocolate products have an antioxidant content that is unsurpassed for chocolate or most any other food popular in Courtice. Xocai contains cacao and acai berries. These two foods are the ultimate nutritional supplements/snacks/health foods/fruits; whatever you want to call them!

Xocai has a complete line of healthy chocolate products for Toronto chocolate fiends who need a regular chocolate fix. I am one of those hard-core chocolate fanatics, …but I am also concerned about my health. What does Xocai do for me? It boosts my energy, helps me keep my weight at a healthy level and gives me that “I can conquer the world” feeling.

I am looking for motivated people to share Xocai antioxidant chocolate. If you live in Oshawa, Bowmanville or Whitby you may be interested in your own Xocai distributorship. While some markets are shrinking, the chocolate industry continues to expand in Ontario. Healthy chocolate appeals not only to chocolate regulars but also baby boomers who are concerned about health problems that seem almost unavoidable as we age. Antioxidants are the answer to many problems associated with aging.

If you are interested in building a chocolate business for yourself, call me at 905-436-0917 today. I look forward to discussing my business and answering any questions you may have. Send me a note from my Contact Page.

Business Opportunities for Toronto

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Business Opportunities for Toronto My name is Sue Jukes. I sell Xocai healthy chocolate in Courtice.

Creating a lucrative business as a Xocai healthy chocolate distributor in Toronto is not for slackers. You must be committed to your Oshawa business and work to make it successful. There is no minimum income guaranteed. Contrary to what some MLM scam promoters promise, the orders don’t roll in immediately when you sign up.

However, consistent effort to promote Xocai healthy antioxidant chocolate will bring results. Because Xocai is an MLM, your hard work in the beginning will create a network that will eventually generate income on its own.

Though it required time and effort to build, my Whitby downline began producing sooner than I expected. I still dedicate several hours per week to my business, but it has gained momentum that is steadily increasing my income without increasing my hours.

Think about your current situation for a moment. Are you working hard for your Bowmanville employer? Are you skilled and confident in your position? Are you committed to the success of your department and Oshawa company as a whole?

If you answered yes to those questions, here is another one: is your hard work paying off? Are you adequately compensated for your experience, efforts and expertise?

What if you dedicated your skills to your own Oshawa weight loss chocolate business marketing opportunity? What if your hard work actually resulted in increased income?

You don’t have to worry about the product. The demand for antioxidant chocolate is growing as more people learn about its amazing health benefits and take advantage of business opportunities with Xocai.

Call me today at 905-436-0917 to get started.

Clean living starts from the inside

Is Xocai Chocolate Really Good For You?

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Courtice Antioxidant Chocolate I was cruising around the web in my Courtice office the other day and came across an article from the Harvard Medical School. I was pleased to see this respected institution validate Xocai’s physiological benefits.

Here is an excerpt about endothelial function:

The endothelium is the thin inner layer of arteries. It’s responsible for producing nitric oxide, a tiny chemical that widens blood vessels and keeps their linings smooth. Can chocolate help? Doctors in Greece think it may. They fed 100 grams (about 3½ oz) of dark chocolate to 17 healthy volunteers and observed rapid improvement in endothelial function. Swiss investigators found similar effects from dark chocolate.

German scientists reported that flavanol-rich cocoa can reverse the endothelial dysfunction produced by smoking, and European doctors reported that dark chocolate appears to improve coronary artery function in heart transplant patients. There’s good news for nonsmoking, original-heart people, too, since Harvard researchers found that cocoa can blunt the endothelial dysfunction associated with aging.

I am Sue Jukes, an independent Xocai distributor based in Courtice, Ontario. If you would like to try the type of healthy dark chocolate described in the Harvard Medical School article, contact me at 905-436-0917 or If you live in Oshawa, Bowmanville or Whitby, you may want to come to my next Xocai healthy chocolate discussion.

Remember, you don’t have to give up ‘New York Times chocolate’ to maintain health and vigor. You can think of Xocai antioxidant chocolate as a sweet treat or as a health supplement. Either way, it will benefit both your body and mind.

Courtice Antioxidant Chocolate Drink

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Antioxidant Chocolate Drink In Courtice Its the time of year when many people in Courtice want to curl up with a steamy mug of hot cocoa. What Toronto chocolate lover doesn’t want to sip a mega-calorie concoction of high cholesterol saturated fats mixed with cavity causing sugars?

It doesn’t sound quite as appealing when you tell the truth about the conventional hot chocolate sold in Toronto stores. Oshawa and Bowmanville hot chocolate drinkers will be happy to learn that there is one brand of healthy antioxidant hot chocolate: Xocai Sipping Chocolate. Xocai, the company that created the healthy chocolate phenomenon has created a premium product for the hot cocoa lover.

Traditional hot chocolate mix is made with cocoa powder that has been stripped of its cocoa butter. Xocai Sipping Chocolate is made by melting solid dark chocolate that is packed with flavanoids and antioxidants. Xocai Sipping Chocolate is rich and creamy. You would never know it is good for your heart and won’t make you gain weight.

Many scientists are currently studying the health effects of dark chocolate and their conclusions continue to be overwhelmingly positive. Healthy chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure, suppress appetite, decrease inflammation and (not surprising) elevate your mood.

Curl up with a steamy mug of Xocai sipping chocolate – The Healthy Chocolate Drink. Does life get any better?

World’s Record in Armenia!

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Toronto MLM Scam The world record for the largest chocolate bar was broken on Sept 13, 2010. Guess where? Armenia! The chocolate bar weighed 9702 pounds (4410 kilograms). I don’t know why the location surprised me; chocolate is loved all over the world just as much as here in Courtice, but if I hadn’t seen the news story I would have guessed Belgium, Switzerland, Japan or Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The Armenians may have created a two-ton candy bar, but Xocai distributors are selling tons of gourmet healthy chocolate in Oshawa, Bowmanville and Whitby. If you are new to this Courtice healthy chocolate blog, let me explain why Xocai is healthy. Xocai chocolate is packed with antioxidants which protect your system from free radicals. There is strong evidence that many chronic illnesses prevalent in Bowmanville are caused by free radical damage. These include arthritis, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and kidney disease. Free radicals also play a role in several types of cancer.

Xocai proudly displays the Brunswick Lab ORAC score on each Courtice healthy chocolate label. The ORAC score is the amount of each type of antioxidant contained in the particular dark chocolate product. Brunswick Laboratories is a non-affiliated commercial lab that measures antioxidants in Whitby health foods and Toronto nutritional supplements.

The Ontario Xocai chocolate collection includes chocolate cookies, solid chocolate, chocolate protein bars, the chocolate weight-loss shake, hot cocoa and a chocolate energy drink.

If you are a Courtice chocolate cookie muncher, a Oshawa energy drink pounder, a Bowmanville chocolate protein bar eater, or a Whitby hot cocoa sipper, Xocai has an antioxidant chocolate product for you. If you are interested in selling Xocai antioxidant chocolate in Toronto, contact me today.

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  • 905-436-0917
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  • Energy

Xocai Chocolate Is Health or Hoax?

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Toronto Million Dollar Industry Courtice health supplement advertisements are full of outrageous claims. How many Oshawa health products are actually ‘miracles’ or ‘breakthroughs?’ If every Whitby diet pill, Bowmanville energy supplement and Oshawa anti-aging formula sold in Toronto worked as promised, most of our health problems would magically disappear. Everyone in Oshawa and Bowmanville would be thin, healthy and perpetually 18 years-old.

What about Xocai healthy dark chocolate?

I can’t promise that it will cure cancer, give you super-human strength or make you irresistible to the opposite sex.

Here is what I can guarantee:

  • Xocai weight-loss chocolate is delicious. (For some Whitby chocolate connoisseurs, that is enough.)
  • Xocai healthy chocolate is packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants boost your immune system and promote cellular health. (If you are unfamiliar with antioxidants, do a little online research to learn how important they are.)
  • Xocai antioxidant chocolate does not contain high levels of fat, refined sugars and preservatives. Bowmanville diabetics may want to take a look at Xocai chocolate as an alternative snack.

If you need a second source of income but have heard that Xocai is a Toronto MLM scam, come to my next low-key Courtice PHD Xocolate Inc. meeting. I will be happy to discuss realistic earning possibilities with your own Xocai healthy chocolate home-based business. I won’t promise miracles, but you can nibble on Xocai treats. My phone number is 905-436-0917 and my email address is

I have a tasty piece of chocolate with your name on it.

What Is An Adaptogen?

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Toronto Antioxidant Chocolate Call me for more information about adaptogens at 905-436-0917.

When we are healthy, our body works as a complex machine that self-regulates the processes that are essential to life. Our heart tirelessly powers circulation, our respiratory system hums along exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide, and our nervous system reliably directs our muscular system to allow both voluntary and involuntary movement.

Homeostasis is a state of balance in which all the bodily systems are are working properly. The endocrine system maintains homeostasis by producing and secreting hormones in response to positive and negative feedback.

Xocai Xe Energy drink contains several ingredients that help maintain homeostasis. Guarana, Maca, Yerbe Mate and Cocao are all known as ‘adaptogens’. Adaptogens are herbs that positively affect the entire organism as a whole. They promote general well-being, stamina and vitality. They help us manage stress without getting sick. They help us stay calm and focused so we can function at our best.

When our bodies are operating in a state of homeostatic imbalance, we are at risk for disease. Some conditions caused by a lack of homeostasis are diabetes, hypoglycemia and dehydration.

If you would like to try Xocai Xe Energy beverage or learn more about Xocai healthy chocolate, call me at 905-436-0917.

I am Sue Jukes, an independent Xocai antioxidant chocolate distributor. I operate out of Courtice and serve the Oshawa, Bowmanville and Whitby areas.

One of the most popular Xocai weight-loss chocolate products in Toronto is Energy. However, Xocai offers an entire line of dark chocolate products. There is a product for every type of Courtice chocoholic. At Xocai, we encourage Courtice chocolate lovers to ‘replace the bad with the good.’ With Xocai, you can enjoy superior health and superior chocolate.

Toronto MLM Success?

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Courtice MLM Secrets How do you feel about Whitby MLMs? Does the term ‘direct marketing’ conjure up images of Toronto friends pestering you to buy soap?

Perhaps you have a positive view of Courtice MLMs. Maybe you know several Bowmanville direct marketers who are making a lucrative income selling quality products.

I am Wellness Promoter Sue Jukes of Courtice. Many of the Oshawa business owners in my Xocai business initially had a neutral or negative opinion of Toronto network marketing companies. Why did they change their mind and join the Whitby healthy chocolate revolution?

They learned the truth about the Xocai antioxidant chocolate opportunity:

  • Xocai dark chocolate enhances health and there is scientific evidence to prove it
  • MXI corp has exclusive rights to its cold-press technology. In a nutshell – Xocai has No Competition.
  • The Xocai passive income opportunity is legitimate. Xocai publishes the compensation plan right on their website. Visit and compare the Xocai earnings structure to any other plan in the industry.
  • Americans eat, on average, twelve pounds of chocolate a year! (You can eat twelve pounds of Xocai chocolate yearly and improve your health.) You do not need to ‘discover’ a new market – it’s already there.
  • Media reports on the health benefits of chocolate are increasing continually. What does that mean for Courtice Xocai distributors? Free favorable publicity!

      If you have never jumped into the MLM waters, now is the time. You can contact me at 905-436-0917 or I would love to share my Xocai success story with you.